Vision & Mission

The word ‘Nurse’ means one who tends the sick and the injured. It is interchangeable with the word sister/mother, implying that from a Nurse, the love and care of the sister or mother is desired. The relationship of Nurse – Patient is symbolic of the relationship of sister-brother / mother-child. It is seen that while the doctor’s attitude towards the patients is objective, the behavior of Nurse is more of warmth and care. The main role of the Nurse is prior and posterior to that of the doctor.

It is an established fact that patients get 60% cure by the behaviour of the Nurses. The smiling faces do much of the healing. The smiles of the Nurses fill the air of “tension” and “Cries ” with fragrance of care and warmth. The smiling faces of nurses exhibit courage and confidence at the first meeting & reflect love and trust at the last meeting. Thus the Nurses not only prepare the patients for the treatment but also help the patients to heal faster.

Not only this , the profession of Nursing reflects the great ” Punjabi Spirit’ exhibited in the valour of Mai Bhago and the humanity of Bhai Ghanaiya Ji on the battlefield.

It is in keeping with the ‘Sprit’ of Sacrifice and Devotion that the management has started a regular courses in B.Sc. Nursing, Post Basic Nursing,General Nursing and Midwifery Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery at Mai Bhago Institute of Nursing, TarnTaran.

The syllabus and minimum requirement as laid down by the Indian Nursing Council as amended from time are applicable to the course conducted by the College